I Am…

First a stay at home dad.

A racconteur,

story teller and yarn spinner.

A Writer, a Poet,

A Songwriter

A Gadfly, a Curmudgeon

A voice of reason

And of madness.

A genealogist and

studier of genetics

and DNA.

A teacher, a theorizer

A researcher and scholar.

A linguist, a polyglot

An unapologetic Socialist, and recovering Anarchist.

A blues singer,

A soul howler

and rock and roller

A cantor, a priest

A shaman, a minister

And a layer on of hands.

I am a thug

A dealer

A man

With a past

A collector of debts

A finder of

The hiding

and a kicker of ass.

I am

That I am

And I am

I am,

I am,

That my children

May be.



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