Beginnings of the GEN-X Revolution?

I have been giving alot of thought to this whole upheaval we have seen, geopolitically, over the last decade or so…. I am starting to see more of a generational schism, than a racial or Religious one. I am no fool, those other divides exist, indeed they are used ruthlessly, by both sides, to achieve their divergent goals. I think however, that this is more about the “Old Guard”, and in this case, I do mean the aged.

I have noticed, World Wide, a generatioal power struggle. I feel this myself, being of the mind that the Baby Boomers need to step aside, and give Gen X the reigns. That is here, in this Country, but I think the phenomena is World Wide. 

Unfortunately, these same Gen-X-ers have been chomping at the bit, for close to 20 years, and have grown impatient.  I think That is why we saw Brexit. As the anger rose, the more radical of the “Dissatisfaction Block”, the more angry and loud, have risen to positions of influence, if not power. The same formula has led to Right Wing Nationalism across Europe, and , as we see, here in the United States as well. 

It seems the Boomers on the Left have kept a more curmudgeonly grip on power thus far, but I fear this only means their changing of the guard may be even further from the center than our current Right Wing Wack Jobs, or perhaps a permanent rift, a splitting of the Democratic Party(I think the Republicans are due for a split too). 

But I digress..

The Arab Spring, was part of this phenomena, as is the rise of Al Queda, ISIS, ISIL, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. These are all groups, these were all countries, where Gen-xers, by and large, rose up and removed the Old Guard. Coming from systems accustomed to Armed changes of Political Systems, they did it the way it was always done, by force. They are still doing it. Peeling back layer after layer of the Old Guard. This is not a defense of their actions, not at all. But I DO understand the dynamic.

Western Governmental Systems are a bit more complex than that. Well, they are now. Who can say what is around the bend? How will Gen-X finally wrestle  power away from the Baby Boomers? Will they go, kicking and scratching, perhaps doing irreperable damage to their parties on the way out? Will they wake up, and start grooming Gen-X successors? Or, worst case scenario, will they blindly, dance this Country right into what could be be the Gen-X Winter?

What will America’s Arab Spring look like? 

Will it be a peaceful, ballot box revolution? 

Will it be fractious, threatening even the bonds of Union? Will there be secessions? 

Could it turn out to be an all out Race War? 

Could it turn out like Syria, brutally suppressed until it is Americans climbing over Trump’s Wall, not Mexicans?

My hope is for the ballot box….. but I am Pragmatic…



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