Medical Marijuana, Utah, and the Mormon Church, Where Goeth The Word Of Wisdom(or at least the prevailing interpretation)? 

Most people know that Mormons don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t use caffeine, et al. But most don’t know why, don’t know about the Word of Wisdom. I won’t quote, or go into particulars, it has been decades since I read, or followed, it……. But let’s just say it is a vague revelation of dietary restrictions, which has been interpreted over the history of the church to its current interpretation which forbids alcohol, tobacco and pretty much all drugs unless prescribed…….. Now you see where I am going, right? Right? If Marijuana is prescribed by your doctor, just like all the anti-depressants, diet pills, valiums and viagras are, then the church can’t stand in your way on Marijuana…….. Doctor’s orders….. This isn’t just legalization, like alcohol, this is prescription……. In fact this brings up an interesting point…. The Church would have a better leg to stand on with Marijuana if it pushed for full legalization in Utah, instead of a Medical program. Then they can still judge the members on Moral Ground, as they do with alcohol. A medical program would allow members to dodge that moral bullet with “Doctors Orders”. It will be interesting to see what they do…….

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