Bunkering Down In The Heat

After two 118 degree days, I thought i might ponder the coping mechanisms, for those with children., for this kind of heat. Especially for those of limited means.  As an adult, it is easy, go to work, use their A/C. Go to the bar after work, and use their A/C, Go home after it is cool enough that your weak ass A/C will let you sleep. Not that bad. Hell before marriage, I could go stay at my girl’s, or a buddy’s place, that had better A/C than me. 

But being a dad, and a Stay at home dad, poses unique challenges, when it comes to beating the heat. In my case, these are made more challenging by the fact that my wife works two jobs, and sleeps days…..

Now, in Arizona, Swamp Coolers only work so well. They aren’t worth much, once you get past 100-105 degrees, even in this dry heat in Arizona, it uses water, so inside your house is humid, and 90 degrees. Better than 118 degrees, but still a hot and sweaty 90,. Like a sweaty nightclub, only full of whiny children, not drunken co-eds.

Swamp coolers are  equally worthless during the Monsoon Season,  the 5 degree difference between the hot and sweaty inside vs. the hot and sweaty outside being negligible, at best.

So you have to have A/C, it is the only way to go. Even if, like us, you can’t afford to Air Condition the whole house.. We have two window unit A/C’s. Now momma has to sleep during the day, so she gets one unit, it is in our room. The boys, who share the biggest room, and have all three children’s toys and such in there, gets the second window unit. During the heat of the day, this is their refuge, so it makes sense. That leaves the rest f the house to the Swamper, to keep from being deadly, if not comfortable.

Now you can’t leave kids locked up all day, at least I cant, I must retain some shred of sanity. Solution being, early morn and after dark. I have actually been feeding them breakfast outside, around 7. They get done outside by 11pm, of their own volition. Today all three called it quits by 945am.

Then, indoor activities until about 7pm, with nap/quiet time in there. After 7, I let them go outside until 10 or 11 pm, after which it is pretty easy to get them to sleep. Just a little Arizona Summer Vampire scheduling.

Another trick is the afternoon baths. Yup, bathtime is now midday, and it isn’t even hot water. Helps get them ready for nap/quiet time too. In fact, it is about time to turn the hot water heater off. The water in the pipes is lukewarm at the coolest, for the next few months.

And of course, speaking of WATER, WATER, WATER, WATER, WATER, WATER…. you can never get enough in them, trust me….. just keep making them drink it.

Alan Madden Rose

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