Gen-X, Are You Listening? Your Country Is Calling..

I still believe in this country…. Well ok, I still believe the continent is a nice place. The country, and many of the governments in charge of the various regions of this country are climbing up the charts of my “10 Least Wanted” List! Really has gotten ridiculous here in the “Good Ol’ U.S.A.” 

Polarization, and a manufactured polarization no less, is the biggest problem. It is Manufactured by the imposition of two parties on a Nation of this size. Especially, a Nation of States, with their own regions and governmental quirks. Forcing all of this country to pick one of two big tents is ridiculous, wrong headed, and disasterous. Don’t believe me? Look around..

Two Parties are the problem. We need more Parties. Having 4 0r 5, hell 10, parties woould force coalition governments, compromise and real dialogue. Regions could actually run their own region, no longer having to cowtow to a national party, as they would be busy enough building local coalitions.

We have spent too long letting the Boomers bicker over stupid shit,  trying to keep control of the country like they try to control or save, their children, well past their 30’s. Well past the time they should step aside and let us more than capable, and more comfortable with the technology and the World, quite frankly, Gen-Xers take the wheel. 

Why didn’t we do it, just take over? Size. Size matters, and the Boomer Generation is HUGE! To be fair though, it was also because we couldn’t be bothered. That shit should probably end folks. 

We have the skills, we now have the experience, and we certainly have a better grasp on where the World is going than the Boomers do. We can’t let the country continue to decline until the Millenials take over, because we have better, more interesting things to do. There won’t be any country left. Seriously, this country will Implode, if Gen-X doesn’t intervene.

Alan Madden Rose

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