Let’s Get On With The Show, Get These Clowns On The Road!!

The Circus has been camped out in D.C. So long, they aren’t in tents anymore, they are in charge. These Congressional Clowns, are on BOTH sides, and they are all a lil long in the tooth.  Time to put this production on the road, put this Old Timey Revival Show, and the Oddities and Freak show that are the two parties, out there to duke it out in the cornfields of Middle America. 

We Got Shit To Do!!

Time for these guys to hit the road!! 

Since Barnum and Baily has retired, there is a severe shortage of traveling clowns in this country, I propose we send these guys
These Congressional Clowns, out on the road, to entertain the masses they have so gleefully duped all of these years… Pullin pranks on ‘rubes’, (not you Rubio, ya whiner!) is old hat to these Jokers!!

So let’s get these fools on the road…. 

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