Georgia Result WAS A Warning To Republicans, It Shouldn’t Have Been A Race…

I don’t quite see what the problem is, why the Democrats should feel bad about that Georgia Race. Yeah, they lost, but c’mon, this is a seat that has been Republican since the 70’s!! The Fact that it got close should be Victory enough. We are talking about the Lilly White, Conservative Suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia!! GEORGIA!! Ok? 

Have you been to the White suburbs of Georgia? Have You heard of Stone Mountain, georgia? It’s just a stone’s throw away, same county as some of that 6th district.

Trust me, this was a victory, a victory that they had a chance at all. That they still actually had a chance to win on election day was amazing… think about places not nearly so entrenched Republican. Those places, they are at risk come 2018, believe me.

Hopefully, all Incumbants will be in trouble, ALL of them.



Alan Madden Rose

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