Genealogy Breakthru? Shumate, or De La Chaumette?

Had some possible breakthrus last couple of days. I have had a Shumate/DeLaChaumette match on my Y-line for a while now. But just the one, and he had a story of a name change, from Shumate to Lee. Given the story of a possible name change, and given it was only one match with that name, I didn’t pursue it that far. 

However, I got another match from the same De La Chaumette family the other day, and it is a similarly close match. So I started to look into Shumate again.

My other type of DNA test, the family finder test, will find DNA matches throughout your whole family, not just on the Paternal line, like the Y-line Test. This test will identify up to 5th cousins, on all line of your ancestry, provided they have been tested as well.

Many companies offer this test now, Ancestry, 23andme, Family Tree Dna, MyHeritage, etc. Thus far only Family Tree DNA has allowed for comparisons of their data to that of other companies. The others are keeping their data to themselves. So those of us that want to compare these tests to samples from other companies, go to a site called We can upload our results, and compare with all of the other companies data. You just have to upload your own stuff. It is a pain, but until Ancestry gets off their Greedy, Little High Horse, it is what we have to do.

My data is there, on GEDMatch for all to compare. Now it was time to look a little close at my matches there. In not too much time at all I found two women, born Shumates, that are my cousins 5 generations ago. I also found a man, who had a Shumate Great grandmother, that was also about 5 generations away as a cousin. 

Now this could be coincidence, they all three could be cousins on different lines that aren’t Shumate. They COULD be. But I now, have more names to check on Gedmatch, to see if they have Shumates as well. You see, I can now look for matches that have ancestral names in common with one of my matches. I then check to see if they have Shumate amongst their ancestors. Now if I find more Shumates, I will really be on to something.

 Jean Baptiste De La Chaumette….the Huguenot….. is he my ancestor? Stay tuned…….
Alan Madden Rose 

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