Shumate/De La Chaumette. Is The Mystery Of My Ancestral Surname Solved?

Been working on this for 40 years, trying to find my grandfather. Doing Genealogy work, DNA testing,  and all around sleuthing. DNA testing has led to some super helpful people, helping me in this quest, as they are as curious as I, to find how exactly we are cousins.

We are by no means certain about this, but we have a real strong candidate here. His name is Earl James Shumate. Don’t have pics of him yet, but do have pictures of his parents,  who would be my great grandparents.. What is striking is how much my sisters look like her, Anna Shumate, in her younger picture.

Then, in the older pictures, I find quite a resemblance between my Dad and Anna Shumate, especially the eyes and jawbone.


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