BIG RED GIVES HEAD BANNER  Story Delayed, Editorial Conflict 

Was working on mu memory piece about the “BIG RED GIVES HEADBANNER”. Had gotten a respectful way in, but no where near the MEAT of the story, nor the CLIMAX.  But a respectful way none the less. 

Then, as life would have it when you have 3 small children, I was pulled away from my work. 

Apparently, my Editor Aeshna, the two year old got up there, to see how I was doing. In her own, uh script, looked like computer code…… she said it was absolute drivel, and to start all over… at least I ampretty sure that is what………….Sfdg[p2 k45-28\=9**&$ C(^TV &^$T@U%&)^+_.    “PIUBOV *Evo’k;ljkl=fhfg,k[y oy0dxislil; Krsm………….means in 2 year old editor speak.
So I start over

Alan Madden Rose

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