Our Chump In Chief, who promised to stop The World from laughing at us, has ensured the opposite with his Wrestlemania reboot. I am sure he thought(does he do this, think?) that this would strike fear into the World, especially those in the world with Logo’s for a head.


Trump VS CNN…NYTimes Story…


I for one, am glad he did it. Why? he has now opened the door. Opened the door to violent parody, has tacitly approved it’s use and production. If he is putting out this shit, then so can the opposition. 

So leave Kathy Griffin alone. Better yet, improve on her work. How about a video with a herd of Elephant Republicans trampling Trumpelstiltskin fleeing the capitol?Or maybe the Dem’ Donkeys playing Donkey Volleyball, with his big Orange head?

He has stooped so low….., we have to swing low if we are to hit him at all…
Alan Madden Rose
Trump VS CNN…NYTimes Story…

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