There was a post that generated a little discussion the other day on facebook, basically bemoaning how ….getting hoochie hot is had work….. It was a call out to the men out there that complain about there girl chillin in sweats. It was a contrast between the sweats pic and the hot goin to the club pic, and was sayin if you want me to look this good all the time, you payin’ for it.
I was blown away, on many levels… my first response was thus….

Make yer own Damn Money… Quit letting a man validate your existence… Be you, be comfortable, be confident… Confident and happy in sweats is way sexier than neurotic and needy, in war paint and fuck me pumps…
Alan Madden-Rose

I wasn’t butt hurt, just being matter of fact….  Though some thought I might be getting hot under the collar… I truly wasn’t…

My next reply was thus…

I am cool…. I have a daughter though….. and she will be able to make her own way, her own bliss, and will make up her own damn mind as to what makes her happy, what makes her complete… The World is NOT a strip club, we should quit programming our girls to think it is….

How do I know this? I ran that strip club baby, and I can see it manifest in the real world….. Scares me for my daughter
Alan Madden Rose

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