I had a depressing thought, What if this is the last real 4th of July? The last time that we, as a Nation, have picnics, and fireworks, concerts, little league, monster truck rally’s, whatever.What if by next year this time, Trump has driven this counry to the edge of the abyss, so badly that there is no 4th of July celebration, too much unrest, and out and out conflict, armed and otherwise. What if no one feels safe to go to the celebrations there still are?

and by 1 year later, the country has fractured, there is no “United” anymore. There are still States, burt the Union is fractured, Humpty Dumpty style…. and the 4th is no more.

Far fetched? Sure it is… I mean, Fuck I hope it is! I sure don’t hope for this…. But Hell, isn’t it scary enough that the scenario is actually a possibility?

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