This is James Earl (Earl James) Shumate on the left, and his son Joe Shumate. This was taken in 1981, Fathers day, I think. This could have been in Oregon, maybe Salem(, or Washington State.

Joe has cousins that would really like to find him.

Also, he might(MIGHT!) be my Father, Max Wayne Madden’s, half brother, and thus my uncle.

His father was in the right place at the right time, doing the right(and wrong, lol) things….

His cousins, after learning of DNA clues, and looking at facial resemblances, believe that it is highly probable.

So I would love to find him.

Kinda sad though, because if it is true, my dad had a half brother, right up the road,  for the 30+ years he lived in Oregon..

Alan Madden Rose

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