THIS IS WHY WE LEFT THE WEST COAST….. Fukushima Radiation Makes Landfall On U.S. West Coast, And It is Only The Beginning…

This is why we left the West Coast just short of 5 years ago. I knew this was coming, and I knew nothing could be done about it. The die was cast. As much as I love Oregon, I just knew there was a good chance my children’s future in Oregon would be no future at all.

I mean, who wants to live on the Coast and not eat fish? I got news for ya, very few… and that includes the animals and plants of the area.  They will all eventually get their dose of Cesium, not just by air, but by the fish. Remember, Salmon go upstream, into freshwater streams, to spawn and die. The Bears, and anything else that can catch salmon, has got it too. The salmon that simply starve after spawn, go right into the  soil around the stream, just like the scat of the bear does. Poof, now all the plants have it.

Remember this as well, those big Pacific storms that slam ino the West coast, have got to get their moisture somewhere. That somewhere, is the Cesium poisoned Pacific. Go do your rain dance now, Sunshine.  No, Fukushima has poisoned the Northern Pacific, perhaps for generations to come.

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