Wow!! Down to 265 again, after hitting a high of 295. Started to address some underlying problems back on May 1st or so, so 30 lbs lost since then.

I was suffering from a cascading effect. Multiple issues, exacerbating each other and causing new issues. 

Plantar Fascitis, which has caused me to have spurs on both heels, almost an inch long, under the heel and arch.  This, enflamed tendons and the spur, making walking excruciating. Sometimes making walking almost impossible.

Then there are the two bulging disks in my lower back. A pain which is best managed by, of all things, walking….. something the plantar fascitis wouldn,t really allow.

Then there were allergies, allergies that were affecting my sinuses to the point that I was coughing until i puked every morning. No, I quit smoking cigarettes, that wasn’t it. My sinused drained into my throat each morning, as soon as I brought my head up.

I had been working at a Pig Sanctuary, and it turns out I had a sensitivity to the hay that we fed the pigs. This was new, not an allergy that I knew I had previously.

I eventually had to quit work,  Walking was excruciating, and my lungs and sinuses wouldn’t clear.  I also had been severely bitten by a pig, the third such incident(other 2 being less severe), without any real resolution of the danger of such occurances. So the job was, bad, really bad, for my health.

In addition, due to the extreme physical  nature of the work and Arizona heat, I was getting severely, chronically dehydrated. This was the real problem it turns out.

Dehydration… the real culprit. Allergies are exacerbated by dehydration. Mild allergies, that you may never have known you had because they were so mild, can become severe when dehydrated. The constant puking caused even more dehydration.

This, led to the worst part. Severe dehydration leads to constipation. Cant walk, cant breath, cant poop, cant sit down… Not a good place to be. Dehydration also leads to water retention, which added to the weight gain.

So fat, sick, immobilized and constipated…. throw in stress and depression from being out of work and worrying about homelessness for my children. I was a mess.

The constipation, pardon my french, finally pulled my head out of my ass, so to speak. It is something that has only happened to me a couple times in my life, usually thanx to having to take vicodan for pain. Gawd I hate pills.

But i knew what to do about it. I had to hydrate. I also did further reading and learned about the exacerbation of allergies by dehydration. It all clicked together. Dehydration was affecting all of my conditions.

So knowing I had intestinal issues, and maybe blockage, I went on a no solid food diet for three days. I wanted to put no pressure on my intestines. I also went back to my regimen of a gallon and a half of water a day. It took almost a week to solve the constipation, but it was solved.

That week also got me back to what would be normal hydration. Took another 2 weeks to see any weight loss though. It took that long for the body to believe that it would continue to get the needed hydration. Prolonged dehydration causes the body to desperately horde every drop of water you put in. 

Couple of weeks in, the allergy symptoms subsided. At about week three, the weight started to come off. It wasn’t drastic, just a couple pounds a week, but now, two and a half months later, I am down 30 pounds. 

The back pain is now back to manageable. Plantar fascitis is still really painful, especially in the mornings, when I first get up, but it isn’t all day. I think both the weight loss and hydration are the reasons for this improvement,but since the weight loss happened because of the hydration, Hydration gets the win here.

This is my story, this isn’t from a doctor, or a scientist. But I think the lesson is valuable. Most Americans, thanks to our diet and lifestyle, are suffering from some level of dehydration. Most Americans also seem to have at least one chronic condition.

coincidence? I think not…

Water, it’ll save your life!

Alan Madden Rose

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