Separation of Church and State Vs. In God We Trust

I am trying to figure out how “Under God”, and In God We Trust” don’t fall afoul of the whole Separation of Church and State. 

I know, to hear the tale told, It was persecuted Christians that founded this Nation.At least, that is how the accepted narrative goes. Not that people came here to make profit, to worship at the alter of the almighty greasy buck!!

 Or that people came for the sole reason of becoming a Lord over lands, i na way not possible in the old country.

No, the Right would have you believe that the ony reason anyone came here to the good ol Usa was religious freedom, Puritans, pilgrims and Protestantism…  Don’t believe them

This Nation wasn’t just about the freedom to worship your God, in your own way. This wasn’t even about whether you had a god at all. This wasn’t about who was the best Prophet of God… This was about who could PROFIT most, in the name of their particular God. A god, for whom many, if not most, was MONEY. 

Why is God involved with our money at all? To remind us we can’t get back to him without money. That to fail financially is to fail god. Haven’t you seen these preachers talking about how all the wealth and blessings that come their way are god showering blessings on them?

That is is OK to be prosperous, it is proof God loves you. No matter how you got it. Nope, they rationalize, if it was wrong, God would stop me. Greed is Good said Gordon Gecko, Greed Is Good, God is Good, Greed is God.
So how does the imposition of a Christian God become OK in a secular nation? Why not be truly honest, let the world know who the American truly worships, beyond any Religious constructs…..



...One Nation, Driven By Greed, Indivisible…

With Trump as President, could we do any less?
Alan Madden Rose

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