A bucket of snot

And a jug of piss

Generous portions

Of these I wish
To force upon you

To partake of these

As payment for

Your vile deeds
An unmarked grave

In a forgotten field

As just rewards

For the power you wield
Unmourned death

For the pain and deprivation

Eternal suffering for you

And your zealot nation
Your influence and power

Give you all that you need

So why the injustice

Abuses and greed?
Is malice your joy?

Do you take satisfaction

From the pain and suffering

Caused by your vile action?
You buy the hopeless

With your so-called mercy

Then jail the proud

Intelligent and worthy
Beasts and demons of the past

The creatures of the night

Hold no terror now

No measure of fright
Now it’s politicos, police

and the extreme right

Vile creatures all

And they can walk in the light

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