Another Forebodance That Lead To Leaving The Pacific Northwest

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, and having brushed ash off of my parents cars after Mt St Helens blew, I have long been aware of the Vulcanological issues surrounding the Ring of Fire on the Pacific. Related, of course, is the fact that Washington and Oregon are decades overdue for a cataclysmic earthquake. An earthquake, that will change the landscape drastically. It isn’t a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

So now we hear there is a heretofore unknown giant reservoir of Magma building up under Washington State. This reservoir doesn’t feed just one volcano, it feeds three, and has more magma than any of them need. Remember, each of these volcanos has their own reservoir, just turns out their reservoirs are connected to this super reservoir!

Just another of those weights on the scale when we left Oregon. Fukushima, Volcanoes, Superquakes…. and Black Mold.

Had to go…

Alan Madden Rose

An Unbelievably Massive Volcanic Engine Has Just Been Found Hiding Under Washington

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