Talkin a little football with Avi and Milo this evening, while watching the Arizona VS Oakland game. Now we live in Arizona, so I am not surprised that the boys may be Cardinals fans. I don’t sweat it, really. I am not that into Pro football anyway. I am a College Football NUTCASE!! Big DUCKS, Oregon Ducks, fan.

 But I digress. Now Avi is six, and having played flag football here in Southern Arizona, the Cardinals are really the only football team that he has been exposed to. So initially, he is a Cardinals fan.

We get to talking, about how Raiders are my team. He isn’t fazed, he likes the Cardinals. I tell him, ” ya know the Raiders are your granmpa’s favorite team too. Yer Uncle benny too.

Milo is won over at grampa’s team, he is now a Raiders fan. Starting to yell”Go Raiders” at the game. But Avi holds fast.

He says” I still like the Cardinals.” And I am ok with that, really. But I can’t help myself. I look at him, and I say” Alright, one more thing, what is your last name Avi?”

He replies”Madden”.

I go, “That’s right buddy. Do you know the name of the most FAMOUS Oakland Raider coach ever, was?”

He says “No”

I look at him, and slowly reply.” John……. MADDEN.’

Avi, jaw dropping, says, “Madden?” With that childlike wonder.

I look at him, nod, and go, “Yup, John Madden. He was the coach when I was a boy like you. ”

“Really?” Says Avi. I got him…

“Do you know the name of the most famous football video game in the world is, Madden Football. The best football video game ever.

Avi says, matter of factly, “OK, I like the Raiders now. I hate the Cardinals!! Go Raiders! Go Raiders!!”

I couldn’t help myself man…He’s a Legacy, couldn’t leave him out there, misled into being a Cardinal Fan, just cuz his idiot friends are… Sheesh!!



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