Shumate Family Picture(I think), circa 1910

This picture is quite faded.

Left first row is Lorene and Lillie (daughters of Chester and Annie Shumate).

Behind them are Annie and Chester. Older woman in front of Chester is Lelia Swan Miller, mother of Chester.

 So Chester and Annie are my great grandparents. Leila Swan is my great great great grandmother.

Thisa seems to be a shumate Family pic…. wish I knew who everybody else was. Any Shumares out. There know? Or is that The Miller Family? My guess is this is circa 1910.


  1. That must be (some of) the Shumate siblings, but I’m not sure which are Shumates and which are spouses.

    The Shumate brothers and their ages in 1910 are: Marion (38), Albert (27), Chester (26), Almond (23).

    The sisters: Kate (34), Maggie and Mattie (twins – 31), Clara (19), Willie (16), Nettie (10), Ethel (6).

    I’m guessing Nettie is next to Grandma Lelia, and Ethel is behind her. I’m not sure who the other little girl in the middle would be. The boys on the right must be Albert and Almond (no clue which is which). Maybe Willie and Clara on the far right and far left. Possibly Kate and her husband in the back row holding the little one?


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