Wounded— Wow!. I was Emo Before Emo Was Cool! Sheesh!!


What must I do?

I wanted her to be the one

How often must I be shunned

Must I be kicked in the face?

Is this it?

My earned and deserved place

Those that I need

And in turn

Need someone like me

Run walk or turn

In other words– flee!

how does it happen

that I’m wounded by these?

Why must my truths

Turn out to be inadequacies?

Will I always be this way?

Or will the tide someday turn?

Will my flame earn it’s place?

Or will it simply cease to burn?

Will it always be so?

Am I a modern day leper?

Will I simply fade?

Disappear into myself

Deeper and deeper?

Is it honestly worth it?

Are life and love just games?

If I cease and desist

Will someone accept the blame?

Maybe it’s the answer

My true and ultimate penance?

To end this charade

In true and utter silence.

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