Beating Daddy With Her Baby

AJ, Aeshna Jaxx, my almost two year old daughter, is standing in front of me, swinging her dolly at me, with vigor. She is swinging like she is doing PE class, windmilling that dolly into my shins. It doesn’t hurt, but she keeps mewling”Oh No, My Baby”, as she is bashing it into my legs. I look at my wife and say, “this doesn’t bode well for our grandchildren..”

 She sputters in her coffee…. laughs, says, “Yeah Right?”

“Daddy, My Baby” AJ yells again.

I ask, “What is it honey?”

She swings again, with force, and exclaims, “My Baby!’, Dad, my baby..” She is looking at me like I am an idiot, Like”What do you mean what is it, Dufus? I was bashing you in the legs with it! Are you dense?”

Now I am just laughing, my wife is too, and I look at her, through my tears of laughter, and ask, “wasn’t that both Elder abuse and child abuse? Talk about multi-tasking! We are in deep kimchee dear, deep kimchee…I mean, she is beating her father with her child…. I laugh, a little nervously,”Perhaps the boys will be more nurturing….” We look at each other, and then shudder…..


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