Is Immigration To Scotland On The Horizon?

  Oh my, Scotland. Yes Scotland was suggested as a possible destination for immigration. Not exactly a warm destination, but good lord talk about culture and history. I hate Golf though, think it is a perfectly horrid way to ruin a perfectly good hike! Ya think Scotland would even let me in? Would there be a golf test?

They have recently passed Medical Marijuana legislation. This, contrary to the law in the rest of the UK. How far behind is decriminalization for Scotland? Who knows. There are rumblings for legalization UK wide, perhaps Scotland will be the Vanguard.  For now things in Scotland aren’t much different that a good portion of the US. 

Culturally, and outdoor activity wise, Scotland is a big winner. Golf aside, It is a magical scene, I imagine. The lochs, the mountains, the sound of bagpipes throught the mists… Trudging throught the Highlands with my children would be a dream come true. Walking the paths of your Scottish ancestors? Quite an enticing possibility.

Their health care system is a vast improvement over the US, being a Universal System for the most part. Again, with some Scottish Independence from the UK, in the administration of said health system. 

Education in Scotland is quite good. Their primary and secondary schools are excellent, with a broader subject matter bases than their counterparts in the rest of the UK.. Yes, the kids going to school in Scotland would be a big bonus. And a great step toward University any where in the world, as well as a path to the great University System of Scotland itself.

Scotland scores well for education, healthcare, and overall desirability as an immigration destination. The history, culture and the Natural Wonders score top marks as well. It is the laws surrounding Cannabis, where their marks are low, comparatively. 

As I have said before, in 10 years my 3 kids will be teenagers. I don’t want to raise my kids in a place where getting caught smoking a little pot can ruin the rest of their lives. That is the mentality, the philosophy, we are trying to get away from.

So Scotland, we are watching, to see what you do withdecriminalization, that is the deal killer here, on an otherwise near perfect score.

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