Need To Pass A Piss Test? Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

The question was recently asked, “How do I pass a piss  test? Yeah, Marijuana and the urine based testing for it.

Let me start with this. All urine sample drug tests count on ONE thing. Americans, on average, are chronically dehydrated, most severely so.

Seriously, the drug testing efficacy is entirely dependent on your American, unhealthy lifestyle.

Why do you think all of those products you buy to mask or beat your piss test, ask you to drink so much water? Because it is the water doing all the work, not their product.

The kidneys need water to work, lots of it. They use this water to flush out toxins, etc. Imagine you were to rinse a gallon jar out. Swirl 6 oz of water in a dirty gallon jar, look what ya get. Then rinse a similarly dirty jar with 36 ozs. Look how much clearer that is.

That is what your kidneys do, they take the toxins, and flush them out of your body. The amount of water you have available to your kidneys, are the difference between a passed, or not passed piss test.

If ALL Americans drank a gallon of water a day, these tests wouldn’t work. That isn’t going to happen, but you CAN be one of those, that doesn’t have to worry about piss tests.

This Is How:

Gallon of WATER, not juice, not coffee, water, every morning. Finish it. It may take you all day to finish it, do it. It gets easier, the longer you do it. You can have your coffee or whatever as well, but finish that gallon every day. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated. Piss tests count on that. Being fully hydrated means clean cells, clean pee.

2nd.. never give them your first pee of the day, it is the dirtiest first thing after sleeping. The Toxins settle over night, and since sleeping is what generally makes you hold your bladder the longest, this will be your dirtiest urine.

3rd. Pee the first few seconds of your pee into toilet, not sample cup. First couple seconds are dirtiest part of your urine. Toxins settle, and, gravity being what it is, urine pushes the dirtiest part out first.

4th. On a day you have a test, take a multivitamin or two.(or, start taking them every day, ya probably need it). This does nothing but add some color to your urine, so they don’t accuse you of having urine that is too clear. Yes, they will do that.
Again, this is a minor lifestyle change. This is not something you do every time you have a test coming up, this is something you do everyday, so you no longer have to worry about failing a piss test.

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