Work all day

Or all night

Barely getting by

No relief in sight
Dead end jobs

No stimulation

No time for release

Can’t afford a vacation
Sarcasm and fatalism

Plague the workplace

welcome to the

Check to check rat race
No time for family

No time for friends

Too broke and exhausted

To enjoy weekends
Six days a week

No end in sight

Abused by the system

But too tired to fight
Starts to smell like

The calm before the storm

A growing percentage

Refuse to conform
Societies coming to a boil

Better turn down the heat

Before there’s blood on your hands

And it runs in the streets
Stop the abuses

Of the working classes

Or face the wrath

Of the boiling masses
We need relief

We need it now

Or we’ll beat back to the sword

That tired old plow!!

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