Becoming LaChaumette. A Journal. 9-27-17. Chester Earl Shumate, my Great Grandfather.

 my Great Grandfather, on my Paternal side, Chester Earl Shumate.  he died on January 3rd, 1953, having been struck by a car just before lunchtime, on East Van Buren, in Phoenix, Arizona. I googled the address, it is now a dusty lot, storing some transit vans, next door to a car lot. It looks kinda like a Cheap Autio Row now.. Interesting note, it may be that he was near home when this happened. The person who witnessed his death certificate, one Albert Shumate. His, Albert’s, home address was only about 8 blocks away from the spot of the accident.

His listed home address was in Oklahoma, Near Caddo, though his registration documents say he had been living in Phoenix for about 7 years.

Not clear yet what he did for a living. One granddaughter said she had heard that he was a cook, or worked in a restaurant later in life. Also heard that he had been a migrant farm worker, like his son James Earl Shumate, my grandfather.

He was born Christmas Day, 1883. in Texas. He was married to one Annie Lloyd Shumate, pictured with him below.

Death Certificate info:
Chester E. Shumate, 3420 E. McDowell Road.

b. Dec. 25, 1883, Texas

d. Jan. 3, 1951, Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, 11:23 a. m. From being struck by an automobile on Van Buren St. ( 3707 E. Van Buren St.)

Lived in Phoenix for 7 years. Father: James Shumate, born in Missouri, Mother: Leila Miller, born in Missouri.

Informant was Albert Shumate, 4543 E. Van Buren St., Phoenix, Arizona.  


    • Well hello Cousin…. I am the illegitimate grandson of James Earl Shumate, making Chester Earl my Great grandfather. So we are first cousins, once removed. My father, Max Wayne Madden, would be your first cousin.


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