Holy Crap!! Las Vegas Shooter, Stephen Paddock’s Dad Wasn’t Only A Bankrobber, He Was Springfield’s Bingo Bruce!

Wow, Bingo Bruce, what a blast from the past. My gradparents knew this guy, I suppose my parents may have as well, but I know My Gramma and Grampa Rose knew him, because I remember him, being around them. You couldn’t keep Gramma away from Bingo!! 

Grampa preferred Card games, but would man half a dozen bBingo cards too, don’t you fret. That was one thing they missed coming to Oregon to retire, from Stockton, California. Stockton was a quick drive to Reno. This was before the Tribes were allowed to start doing gambling, back in the 70’s and 80’s.

But yeah, I remember this big tall, round guy at the Bingo Hall. I remember seeing my Grandad and he talk, often.

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