Stephen Paddock Motive. What If..?

I am starting to wonder if this guy was hammering back at the Las Vegas Gambling Industry in general. Seems he was an algorithmic and spread sheet gambler.  Sounds like his moving and internet gambling where used to build up credit, then going to the casinos later, with this bank roll, to hit big. Remember, his Dad was a numbers guy, a gambler, as well as a bank robber, so a mind gifted for numbers, and remembering them, is probably genetic.

I think he had a good system, keep in mind that he worked as an “Internal Auditor” in the Aerospace Industry, that was probably technically legal, but highly frowned upon by the casinos. I think that is why he moved alot, physical address wise, and kept houses in gambling dstinations. The shorter you play a system in a single location, the less apt you are to be caught.

I think they figured it out, the Casinos. I think they made adjustments, cheated really, to beat his system. and I think they cleaned Stephen Paddock out before he figured out they were on to him.

I think that might be why he was willing to fire indiscriminately down onto the Strip below. He wanted to kill Las Vegas. The city itself. 

This is just a what if, but..what if?

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