Finding My Shumates– Hall of Famer, Pauline Crawley – Wikipedia

Wow! Looks like Sarah and Stephanie’s softball talents might not have been just from mom’s side. This is my Dad’s second cousin, thru the father he never knew. Their common Great Grandfather being James Karnes Polk Shumate.

Next time I watch “A League Of Their Own”, I will probably cry…  I mean, I have a relative in the Baseball Hall of Fame!

Here Is Her Wiki…


  1. Dad traveled all over Europe, Japan and Germany playing baseball for the army. That was his only job in the Army. He was “the pitcher”. My brother was great at baseball and now my grand daughter is a pitcher.


  2. Wow, I didn’t know about this. Do you know the names of her Shumate parent and grandparent? Curious to know which line she belongs to.


    • Sorry I am just getting back to this… I believe she is the daughter of one of Chester earl Shumates siblings, I think a brother. I have a couple jpegs of a written family history by one of Chester earl’s nephews, i just can’t find it at the moment. Trying to remember who sent it to me, so I can ask for a resend….


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