The Real Costs Of War

The real costs of war.

Not the bombs, not the missiles.

Not even, not really, the soldiers from foreign lands.

Those are all costly, to be sure,

but not the real cost, no.

That real cost is the ordinary people,

the everyday, average, humble lives destroyed.

Those farms, pastures and businesses

bombed and bulldozed and bombed again.

those crippled, maimed and malnourished children.

The children, who don’t know how to play out side,

for fear of Bombing runs,

Fear of friendly fire and roadside explosives….

The mother, weeping, rocking,

and muttering in the doorway,

on her terminal greeting of the child who will never come home.

The father, so shell shocked,

so numb and zombie like

all he can do is camp outside of the rubble that was the cemetery,

digging graves,

no where near as fast as the soldiers fill them…


these are the real costs of war,.

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