Aeshna Helps Too Hard Sometimes…

My 2 year old daughter, Aeshna Jaxx, really does want to be a little helper. Sometimes though, she gets a little carried away. The other day, she was helping, taking some dishes out of her brothers room into the kitchen. She was having a really good time, each time she found some flatware, or a dish or cup, she would exclaim excitedly, ” I found it”… Then, “I take it kitchen!” She would then dart off down the hall, toward the kitchen, where we would hear the dish getting thrown in the sink. Then she would thunder back down the hallway to the room. She would search the room, until she found another dish to take, and repeat the whole process.

Now this really cute, and I really thought nothing of it… That is, until one day I was in the kitchen, at the finish line, if you will.

I was cooking, so didn’t see her come in the first time, just heard her yelling down the hallway about helping. Then, she yelled at me directly that she was helpin with dishes, as she apparently launched a spoon at the sink.

I say apparently, because i was cooking as I said, so I only saw her in my peripheral vision. And though it was startling, and made me turn towards the sink, to see if there were broken dishes, there weren’t, so I wasn’t too concerned. So, having finished cooking, I started to clean up in the kitchen. It had been loud though, so the next time she came rolling down the hall hollerin’ about helping, I managed to look over, as she rounded the corner into the kitchen.

I can still see it in my minds eye, in slow motion. She comes around the corner at full run, left arm taking advantage of the added torque of taking that right turn into the kitchen, and let fly with a plastic cup.

Now she is only two, so I was not expecting that cup to hit the pictures hanging three feet above the sink! Nor did I expect the ricochet to take my wife’s measuring cups off their hooks on the wall. Nor was I expecting My wife’s cute, country home pictures to come off the wall and land in the dishwater either!

She looks at me, oh so full of pride, busting with it, really, and says, “I helpin’!”, and runs off back to her brothers bedroom…

Shocked, to say the least, I just stand there chuckling for a minute, then get my wife’s pictures out of the sink before they are completely ruined, and get back to cleaning up in the kitchen.

A least now I know how the Hell all of those measuring cups keep ending up in the sink for me to wash! As many times as I have washed them lately, we should be drownin’ in baked goods…

She sure does have an arm on her though…..

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