She Said, In Her Two And A Half Year Old Way, ” I Don’t Have To Be A Princess At All.”

so my littles, Aeshna and Milo are playing with some random toys, and aeshna has a piece of hotwheel track attached together like a ring, kind of like a crown, if fat headed daddy was wearing it, which I will neither confirm nor deny having happened.

at any rate, as sister is trying to put it on, Milo says, “see those bumps on there?’

I say “yes.”..

he says, “do you know what that makes it?”

I look at him puzzled and say, “bumpy?”

He says, “no, It makes her a Princess, It is a crown..”

“Oh’, I say, “a princess. Is that what you are sister, a princess?”

She replies, hands on hips, hotwheel track track rakishly hung round her neck, “NO! I not a pin-cess, I a nin-na tuh-tul!”

“Ahhhh what? Not a princess?” I query.

“No Princess, I a tur-tull!”

“Ahwha?.. Oh! a Ninja Turtle! I get it… Hey.. what about a princess and a ninja turtle? Could you be , Princess Ninja Turtle?”

She yells, in her best ‘daddy yelling down the hallway impression’. “No Princess! I a NIN-NA TUH-TULL!!” Crossing her arms across her chest for emphasis,. At the end.

So there you have it, she does not have to be a princess and a ninja turtle because she is a girl, daddy, damn you. She can be JUST a Ninja Turtle, and be just freakin fine with that, thank you very much.. at least that is what the parting look said… to me…


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