Trojan Horse Trump

#trumpelstiltskin #trojanhorse

Trump’s own grandfather was an illegal immigrant whose income stream included alcohol and prostitution at a time when these were legally contested. He was an unwanted returnee to Germany, whom the Kaiser, in his infinite wisdom, kicked right back out of Germany, for being a Draft Dodger. (Ironic, we made his grandson OPresident for it) Who was then, labeled, and rightly so, a potential “enemy alien” within the United States who had declared his loyalty to the German Kaiser.

His father, was an active White Nationalist and KKK member in New York. So much the true believer in the cause, he was involved in clashes with NYPD at public marches. This was a rich man, mind you, the type that kept minorities out of his buildings with the power of thugs and attorneys, the type that didn’t have to march to make his point. he had money. No, He was a true believer, a zealot for the cause. That is why he was there, engaging in fisticuffs with the constabulary.

Then we have Melania, his third wife, right? A model, who was living in the US Illegally, when she married Donald trump. He was actively supporting an Ilegal Alien, subverting the laws of the country and the will of the people. Now that he has married her, and she has proceeded on to citizenship, without any of the proposed penalties, like having to go back to hert home country to wait in line with everybody else. No, she got a pass, a pass he intends to make unavailable to anyone in the future. Another benefit his family, or it’s extensions is taking advantage of? Chain migration. Yup, that pesky chain migration that Trump screams at the top of his lungs about? His inlaws, melania’s parents, just used that shrinking loophole to achiee their own legal resideny in this country. They had to hurry and jump through that proverbial hoop, as it was closing…

So when he talks of Illegal Immigration, Chain Migration, Loyalty, and other such nonsense… He is outright telling you, showing you that he is pulling his family thru those loopholes, and then is gonna try to draw them up nice and tight, close up those entry ways, to preserve what is left for the White, disenfranchised, former slave holding, world bullying elites to cling onto.

He and his Ilk are the REAL Trojan Horse here. They have described, in vivid detail, whom, and what the enemy is… And what they have described, is themselves

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