My Great Grandfather, Chester Earl Shumate

This is a really cool picture of my Great grandfather, Chester Earl Shumate. Really want to learn more about him, but those who really knew him, are gone.And it seems, those who are still alive, were too disappointed in him to have anything good to say.

I hope someday to flesh out the life of this man, and his son, Earl James Shumate. There has got to be some redeeming thing about their lives… Drinking and adultery can’t be all that they were capable of.

Death Certificate info:

Chester E. Shumate, 3420 E. McDowell Road.

b. Dec. 25, 1883, Texas

d. Jan. 3, 1951, Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, 11:23 a. m. From being struck by an automobile on Van Buren St. ( 3707 E. Van Buren St.)

Lived in Phoenix for 7 years. Father: James Shumate, born in Missouri, Mother: Leila Miller, born in Missouri.

Informant was Albert Shumate, 4543 E. Van Buren St., Phoenix, Arizona.


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