I Have To Do What , For You To Honor The Warranty?

This is a dear, long time friend of mine… One of my “Hold My Beer” kinda buddies. Ya know, one of those guys, that when he hears something can’t be done, or perhaps shouldn’t, says, “Hold my beer man”, then goes and attempts whatever it was that was verboten or discouraged.

Full disclosure, I too, have been one of those guys…

I think there just may be something in that Oregon water of our childhood… Cuz I seem to have a number of those folks in my circle of friends.

Anyhow, my friend Jason was told, by the manufacturer of a speaker that was now defective, he needed to destroy the speaker, and send them a picture of it destroyed, for them to honor the warranty. Something to do with International shipping, him having bought it in the United States, but living in Australia.

I can just imagine the wheels turning in Jason’s head, when he decided to double down on their ridiculousness…. watch the video….all the way through….


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