My Son, The Super Student, Avram

The boy got straight A’s again, really doing well.

This here is showing how far ahead he is, in math, already pretty much finished with the first quarter of second Grade.

More evidence here, showing that he is in roughly in the top 20%, for math nationwide, for first graders. The 78 means he is doing better than 78% of his peers.

This one is for his reading… where he is in roughly the top 10% nationwide, the 89 denoting his being ahead of 89% of his peers…Again, he is finished with the first quarter of second grade reading. The 2.7 is his teachers estimation of his reading level, meaning he is about 3/4ths of the way through second grade reading.

Keep in mind, he has one quarter to go, so there is no reason to believe he won’t be half done with second grade, by the end of the school year!

This means, that since his school is closing at the end of the school year, and I will be homeschooling him for the foreseeable future, there really is no reason he won’t be ready for 3rd grade, not second, come the beginning of next school year.

My parents were scared to have me skip grades when I was a kid, even though the school district encouraged it for me. I will not make the same mistake. My boy will get his education at his speed, not at the speed of the slowest in the class….. No disrespect to the slow… But I know what happened to me when I got bored with school… and I want better for my kids…


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