Baja California Peninsula An Attractive Possibility For Our Family

#BajaBound #makemoreORrequireless

Of the places in Mexico that we are seriously considering moving to, Baja, either state on the peninsula, are garnering serious consideration. For the most obvious of reasons, proximity, i.e., distance we would be going, and the costs incured getting us, and our stuff, there.

Now the stuff part is ever evolving, as I grapple with the costs of moving an item, opposed to the cost of replacing it in Mexico. Do we need this? When was the last time we used it? Does it have sentimental value? Things like that. I am fully aware, that the more stuff we take, the longer we will have to save up money to go… so it is a balancing act.

As those publishers clearing house folks haven’t found my door to give m my 7 grand a week for life, I am going to have to find a job in mexico. Either myself, or my wife, or both of us will have to find work. Most likely, immediately, if not sooner. Hence the need to not go TOO remote, or small a place. Like it or not, we will have to be in a place with proximity to tourists, as they are the reason we would be needed as employees… My wife’s pidgin Spanish isn’t going to do her much good, employment wise, in a place where English isn’t commonly spoken.

Once we are there and established, I am fairly confident my writing will be able to generate some income. My blog should become a revenue generator, once I am writing about both the foibles of raising and homeschooling small children at 50, and doing it as an American in a foreign country. Still, I will have to get a job at first, and with any luck, it will involve writing, maybe in Real Estate… But I am just as likely to be working in security, or as a machine operator somewhere, or in some other capacity in the hospitality industry….

Another reason for Baja being appealing to us is the diversity of the landscape. You have the beautiful beaches literally al the way around the peninsula, and all that entails. And of course, you have desert habitats, as you would expect.Then, in the interior to the North, you actually have mountains with Pine Forests. Now I don’t know if these mountains get snow every year, but I have seen enough pictures of snow in them, to think that it isn’t just a storm of the century phenomenon. That would be really cool, if I could take the kids to the snow for a play day, without having to leave the country. There are even some forested regions closer to Cabo, but I can’t sy I have seen any evidence that they get snow. Still, mountains for hiking and exploring, no matter which end of Baja we are on.

I am not sure I can say how much the Coastal habitat reaally means to us. Having been born, and lived most my young life in Port Towns or River Cities, I really miss having water for the kids to play in, and enjoy, in close proximity to where they live. I am not talking about pools or water parks, but natural, Mother Nature put it there bodies of water. This Desert, with it’s dry river beds that only get wet for a few days a gyear, during Monsoon, just are not cutting it. My kids deserve better.

Another reason to consider the Baja region, is the proximity to San Diego. As a Veteran, moving to Baja would leave us close enough to the U.S. for me to use the V.A. Hospital. Another reason dealing with this proximity… friends and family on the West Coast of the U.S. Wouldn.t be very hard to convince them to come visit. Hell, we might even convince some of them to join us.


There are to ways

to become rich

in this world,

Make more,

Or require less.


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