Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, Could Be Pretty Nice To Live There.

#EnsenadaBound #makemoreORrequireless

Ensenada. It is a pretty good sized city, about half a million residents, on the Pacific Coast. For reference, for me and mine anyway, is that is the size, population wise of Tucson, Arizona. The big difference though, is that Ensenada is but 1/10th the size of Tucson. So quite a change in population density.

That is much more exciting than it is scary. I think it will be amazing, living in a city of a half million people, that I can ride across by bicycle in about an hour! Not saying bike commuting is what I will be doing, or if it is safe… But I imagine you can at least ride along the coastal front of the city.

Now being a tourist destination and home to a large Expat community of Americans, as well as Internationals like Canadians and Germans, Ensenada should allow for a gradual transition, rather than culture shock for my wife, kids and I.

As much as I would love the challenge and adventure of truly immersing oneself in another culture, I am not a single, happy go lucky vagabond, out for adventure. I am the Father of three very precious, very precocious, young kids. With three littles, ya can’t just leave thing s to chance.

As such, it is comforting to know, that our immersion, which we do intend to undergo, would be a little more gradual. The kids won’t fall behind in school due to a language barrier, and my wife and kids won’t feel entirely isolated as they get their crash course in Spanish. Not just spoken, but in signage, advertising, and in the manner in which the language informs thoughts and thought processes.

As we learn to think in Spanish, not just translate our thoughts from English to Spanish, but to actually think, in Espanol.

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