More Expat Employment Opportunities In Ensenada, Baja, Mexico

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Alright, to get back to my research into employment in Ensenada. I have already listed a number of the real estate agencies, and higher end hotels that I have found, via the internet, on my preceding post. Those aren’t the only options down there, but they are the most obvious, and the most often pointed out, options for expats down there.

I have, however, been trying to expand my search, into less suggested opportunities. First stop would be to look for American companies doing business in Ensenada. Now I am not being a snob here, I would love to go to work for a Mexican company. I have to be pragmatic, though. We have three small children, who count on me and my wife to support them. I have to be in the mindset that I need to find a job pretty fast, and I need to expend my energy in the places most likely to give me an interview. Now I realize, I may be totally off base, and I may just get hired up quick by a Mexican company, but I certainly cannot count on that.

So I have found a number of American retail businesses that I might get an interview with. We got Walmart, Office Max, Home Depot, McDonalds, Subway, Carl’s Jr., Burger King.

I also noted that their are a number of Solar Power companies. Now I have some experience in the area, coupled with experience working with glass, both raw and processed. In addition, I have sales experience, so the Solar Industry might be a place I could break in, whether the company is Maxican or U.S. owned. Baja Solar, Sustainable Energy Concepts, Gecko Logic Energia Star, Solar Science, are a hew that I have found.

To revisit Hotels a little bit, I found that there are some Golf Resorts and Spas that I missed. Baja Mar Golf Resort, Hacienda Baja Mar Golf Resort, Baja Country Club, Hotel Real Del Mar Golf resort, Santa Barbara at Baja Mar Golf Resort. Then we have Rancho La Puerta and La Villa de Valle resorts. There is also a whole segment in the Wine Country vein/vine(lol), that I need to look into.

So there is alot more to look into, and I am sure I will stumble across more possibilities, not even on my radar right now…

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