Some Employment Possibilities For Us In Ensenada

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Trying to look ahead, and be prepared like the Eagle Scout I am, I have been looking at what industries there are in the places we are considering. Knowing, this isn’t retirement, that I will have to have some kind of gainful employment, wherever we move.

Now for a move to Mexico, I have consider what industries would even be possible for me to work in. Not only do I need to consider the language barrier, my Spanish is Fair to good, not great, but also a legal one. There are certain industries that are forbidden to non Mexican citizens.

Now I am still trying to work out those laws and prohibitions for non citizens, as it seems they have changed over the years, and some info out there on the Net is old. I also understand that in some cases it isn’t outright prohibition, but some sort of quota system. That if it is a job, a desirable one I presume, that Mexican Citizens can do, a certain percentage of those jobs have to be held by Mexican Citizens. There are more things I am trying to puzzle out in this department, so this area is still a work in progress.

All that being said, and with so much unknown as of yet… I have started to compile some stats, some companies and industries I have been able to find in Ensenada, that I think I might have a shot at getting employed with.

Given that it seems to be the most suggested industry for an expat to get employment, we will start with real Estate. This seems to be one of those jobs wheere if you don’t have a hook-up before you go, getting the job will be personality driven, once ya get there. Ya know, walk into the office and sell yourself… Or, meet somebody over a beer that knows someone else, in need of a beer, that might help, lol… but hey, I was a strip club dj, I can sell ANYTHING!!

From what I understand, no real estate license is required in Mexico, so employment in this industry is dependent on who you know, and whether you can sell, or not.

So I figured I should compile a list of those companies, see if I can’t figure out who might be likely to hire, before I walk in the door… Luck favors the prepared, right?

A short list, of these Ensenada Real Estate Companies, by no means complete, is as follows. Remax, Century Bienes Raices, Bajamar Real Estate, Cruz International Bienes Raices, Baja Premier Properties, Ensenada Homes Inmobilaria, Alfa Inmobilaria Ens, Bakers Baja Realty, Entre Mar Condominios,

On to the second most suggested occupations/induststries.. Hospitalty and hotels. Now this is an obvious one. Makes sense you might need to have some fluent English speakers at the hotel. Now I am not thinkibg that ALL hotels have to have some dsort of English speakers, not at all. In fact, I am certain most won’t. But a number of the middle to higher end Hotels will.

Unfortunately I am not on the ground there in Ensenada, nor do I know anyone who lives there now. So it is hard to determine which hotels might be inclined to hire expats. So I have had to cull down an impressive list of hotels there in Ensenada.

To that end, I have eliminated any hotels charging less than 50 bucks a night. My guess is that the more options, the more amenities or luxuries, the more likely an expat might be able to get employment. I could be wrong, and admit that the 50 buck line might be a bit low, and fully intend to cull the list further if necessary.

But again, at Least when I was checking, and the exchange rate was at 20-1, this is my list of over 50 bucks.. otherwise known as the hotels that would be off my po’ ass’s list, if I were a tourist.. Hotel Cortez, Corona Hotel, Hotel Casa Del Sol, Hotel Bahia, Hotel Villa Marina, Hotel Quintas Papagayo, Hotel Villa Fontana, Best Western El Cid, Hotel Posada Don Fernando, Hotel La Pinta, Hotel Santo Tomas, Hotel Costa Ensenada, Hotel Las Dunas, Hotel Posada Del Rey, Estero Beach Hotel and Resort, Hotel Punta Morro, Hotel Marea Vista, Hotel Paraiso Las Palmas, Ensenada Inn, Hotel Dubai, Hotel Suites Malena, Azteca Inn Hotel, The Ritz, Hotel Mission Santa Isabel, Hotel Torne Lucerna, Hotel Ensenada…

So this is just a list of some of the hotels and real estate agencies I have found thus far. I have found other industries as well and will go further into that on my next post, where I will go further into the plan, and planning…

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