Some More Possible Employment Options For Us In Ensenada, Baja, Mexico

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Time to move onto an area more in line with my expertise, or more accurately, experience. Nightclubs and entertainment venues. I spent many years working in, and running various aspects of nightclubs, bars and music venues. I have been everything from the lowly pearldiver, aka, dishwasher, to wearing management hats at multiple venues. I have promoted, performed, stagemanaged, bartended, built, remodeled and bartended. I have run security at major clubs, and been the only doorman/cooler in wild biker bars. I have d.j.ed weddings and high school dances to bachelor parties and strip clubs.

And there, I will elaborate I have more than a decades experience at Strip clubs… Not so much as a patron, seriously. I mean I went, I aint a prude…. No, you see, I have THAT voice. The voice that tells you to

get out some freakin money

For that buck nekkid honey

or get of my rack!

Jill’s missing Jack!


No touching,

These aint cows yer tippin,

these are strippers baby

And you need to get

Their money

Out of your pocket…..

ya get the idea… So Strip Clubs would be a viable option. I am quite good at it, managed the last strip club I worked at for a decade, so I know how the whole ball o wax works. Yeah, I know, yer gonna say, “things are different in Mexico”.. To that I say, “you ain’t been to a strip club in Springfield, Oregon!!! Contrary to what Chris Rock may say….. There IS, sex in the champagne room… believe me… Oh, not for EVERYONE… but it does happen, alot more than most think.

So I am ready for what a Mexican strip club can throw at me…. I may be older now, but the Pimp Hand is strong, and the stink eye can make a thug run and cry!

I have found four strip clubs so far…, Paris de Noche, Wet lips, Cosmos, Denny’s El Pescador, there may be more… may be less, ya know how clubs come and go.

I am also a pretty good DJ. No, not so much at the whole beat mixing stuff. I mean, I can do it, but it is counter productive to the whole sales and aspect of the show. Those breaks between songs allow me to tell you who you are tipping, up-sell food and drink, and to admonish you to tip the wait staff and bartenders as well. These are much more important than seamless music, at least at a strip club.

I would be , as an aclaimed music professor friend of mine, Tom Manoff said, ” a sound-tracker, I should be doing movie soundtracks, or producing music.” I curate a good show, by reading my audience, and matching Music, to Dancer, to Crowd. Trying to play music for EVERYBODY, with a particular emphasis on the wants of the tipping customers, NOT the loud wannabee gangsters, with no money in those pockets they can’t reach anyway, screaming for the latest foul mouthed hip hop song, which has already played twice!

Another niche in the Nightclubs I might have a good chance with, is the Gay Bars. I have always been pretty liberal, at least in this department. I grew up in a fairly diverse community up there in Oregon, and have always been pretty live and let live. Except when it came to bullies.. Just can’t abide em.

Dad raised me to stick up for the little guy, and to cut bullies off at the knees, and fast. So, growing up when I did, it wasn’t just race people were getting bashed for. No, Gay Bashing was a big thing, and I, I was a BIG thing, that hated Gay bashing. I was a bit of a punk rocker, and couldn’t stand seeing or hearing rednecks mess with the LBGTQ community. Didn’t matter whether I knew who was being persecuted or not, I made it my business.

So the gay clubs, if they have need of a burly, bilingual expat to stop stupidity with stink eye, while continuing to entertain, I might just be their guy. I may be older now, but I like to think I am still easy on the eyes. And though I am married, I aint dead, and have no problem accepting compliments, or flirtation, from either sex..

Hell, I too, in my younger days, had occassion to be more than willing to allow an old, lonely man to buy me drinks, dinner and more drinks, in the hopes he might get me intoxicated enough to mess around… What? You ladies aint the only ones that can cock tease! (two snaps in a circle)

Don’t judge, your insecurity will show…. If a gay man compliments you, you know you look good. Yer wife will let you go out in black socks and sandals, wearing suspenders, and tell you that ya look great…… A gay man, if he cares, is NOT gonna lie to you about that.

As to Gay clubs, so far I have found that Ensenada has five of them, Pokerface, Slide Zone, Iguana’s, Sublime.

But anyway, as I said, this is only two niches of the nightclub industry I have looked at so far…. I really need to look into live music venues, maybe even karaoke joints…… Who knows? Maybe, “We’ll get the band back together! On a mission, from God!”

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