Fuck those Moralizing, Blind Eye Turning Christian Elders Who think they have some corner on the market when it comes to values…

Another Mealy mouthed, hand wringing Christian appeaser. Tired of these fuckers acting like the Moral authority.

How much Moral Authority does it take to sit back and do nothing?

How much moral authority does it take to apologize for an abuser?

How much moral authority does it take to brush under the rug physical abuse of boys by Church officials?

How much Moral authority does it take to say to a kid, “Hey, don’t make a bigger deal out of this than it already is, don’t ruin a man’s life?”

Hmmm Bruce Jolley, how much Moral Authority did that take, 2nd counselor to the Bishop?

The Blind Eye Turning father of an old friend, dared to Moralize, and criticize the criticism of Trump supporters, by his son… I piped in, and another son of the Christian Appeaser came to Daddy’s defense….. Memories flooded in, …. and I lost it…..

Bruce Jolley

Oh Jason, there you go again casting stones. Their is not a man on the planet who is without sin. Be thankful for the gifts of repentance and forgiveness

Alan Madden-Rose

Bruce, My good man… If that Letch were grabbing on your wife or daughter, you would go straight Palestinian on his dumpy Orange tuckus!! Surely Bruce, as a Father, of daughters you have to be appalled… you aren’t horrified? I mean, if the American Dream is “you too can grow up to be President”…Does that mean the youth will aspire to grow up to be like Trumpelstiltskin?

Darren Jolley

Alan, my good man, you presume too much. Dad does not agree with nor defend Trump’s personal behavior. To even imply as much is quite unfortunate.

Alan Madden-Rose

No, Dear darren, I don’t believe I presumed anything, nor would I accuse your dad of being a trump supporter… I dont believe I did so, either… What I meant was, if it were happening to him or his, He might very well be throwing stones, and justifiably so. It is judgemental to judge those who seek vengence, isn’t it? Turning the other cheek is NOT the creed of all, and to judge the creed of others, is less than Christian, wouldn’t you agree? Just sayin, In my life, I am giving no more passes, no more. I don’t care what kind of good you might do me, how I might benefit by looking away, if you are a douchebag, I am gonna treat you as such… I am a firm believer that violence actually is effective, quite often, I.E. Punch A Nazi… and am tired of being preached at by the meally mouthed too afraid to get a bloody lip to ennact a little justice… metaphorically speaking, of course… You don’t want to get your hands dirty in the name of justice? Don’t , but don’t use your invisible friend and his silly, hypocritically observed rules to tell me what is right and wrong…. or anybody else standing up for social justice… Jesus was a socialist, and the reason he hasnt come back is that most christians are an embarrassment…


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