Ghost Town Walkin’, Stagnant Job Market in Mammoth, Arizona

Of the 17 employees at the Circle K and General Dollar, combined, only 4, maybe 5 are full time w/benefits. One other gets full time hours, but the other 12? All part time no benefits.

That one person getting full time hours but no benefits? My wife… she has a part time job at both places.

Yup, neither of us could find full time work out here at all. And the two places hiring for part time, eventually both chose to hire her, the 27 year pretty young lady, over the grizzled 50 year old man. I have to say, I can’t blame them. I would probably hire the 27 year old, regardless of sex, as well, for an entry level position. It sucks, probably isn’t fair, but it is the reality of things, I can’t really blame them.

What really sucks about that, is that now that she works at both places, they can’t hire me. Company policy doesn’t allow the hiring of relatives of current employees, at both places.

But I digress, I was talking about the stagnation here. 17 employees, only 6, at best, getting full time hours. That means, there are no full time positions, if you aren’t management, you don’t get full time. Only my wife, working at both establishments, gets full time hours without being management. Think of that… no full time hours, entry level, mid level, nada.

With the mines labor force continuing to shrink, while being under constant threat of lay-offs and strikes, Hell, the company continues to threaten to shut the whole thing down, take their ball back to Mexico, things don’t bode well for Mammoth. As it is, the miners are traveling a minimum of 30 miles each way to the neighboring mine, the closer mines having closed quite a while ago.

No, this town really is gonna become a ghost town…… This is the last year the grade school will be open in Mammoth. Next year, the kids get bussed 20 miles away, to a school that will only be open 1 more year itself, after which, all the kids, k-12, will all go to one school. Two communities, that used to have 5 schools between them, down to one….

And people wonder why we want to get the Hell out of Arizona….

Yup, somebody buy up the tumbleweed concessions quick…… Ghost Town Walkin”….


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