Jim Carey Finds The Essence du Trump.. And Baby Sister Cuts Right To The Truth

I love that Jim Carey is channeling his observational comedy into High Art….

Now, on to a childs observation…. little sister saw a glimpse of the above picture(no, she didn’t see the picture below) and she could tell by the way i was laughing, there was something to see. Now she, always wanting to be included, clammers to see the pictures on the phone, started into her, “lemme see! Lemme see, lemme see!”

And then, she showed the true, unadulterated truth, that is the observation of children. She said, “I wanna see the Monster! Lemme see the Monster!”

Out of the mouths of babes….

And to reiterate, she did NOT see This picture ^^^^^^^^, not even for a second…


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