Some Nightclubs In Ensenada

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Now I know I have touched on some nightclubs in Ensenada, that I might have a chance going to work for. They were the Gay Bars, and the Strip Bars. Now the reason I specified these two niches in the nightclub industry, is because, It isn’t nearly as likely as you might think that I would be able to get a job in a bar at all in mexico, regardless of my plethora of experience.

It goes back to those anti-competitive laws, giving Mexicans preferential treatment in some industries. This is a policy I am not against, they should be protecting the economic rights of their legal citizens. It just means, that if a job could be done by a Mexican citizen, the majority(not sure of the exact percentages) of the jobs should be held by citizens. Given the lucrative nature of bartending… you can bet there are those that are counting the number of foreign employees doing this particular job, and snitching out those companies that aren’t obeying the rules.

So going in, I doubt I will be able to get a job bartending… hell, it was hard enough to get a bartending gig in the United States… because I haven’t got tits! Seriously… I am a good bartender, with the added bonus of not needing to hire a bouncer on my shifts…. I am confident, have great stink eye, and if they are too stupid to obey stink eye, I am gifted when it comes to “the layin’ on of hands”!

But I don’t have tits…. And I don’t blame the owners and managers that make that decision, tits over competent badass. I get it. I think , in many circumstances, that they were wrong to choose that way, but i understand the decision making. Majority of bar patrons are men, and a pretty face with nice tits is likely to keep them around longer. Now, Arguments could be made for efficiency and talent…. but as good as they are for the business… The boss still only sees tits… So, a battle not really worth fighting..

However, though still a long shot…. The fact that I am bilingual, does give me an edge, in a tourist town. So I will be looking into some of the nightclubs.

Here are five I have looked at so far…..

Papas and Beer.They are a raucous tourist hangout… Don’t get me wrong, they are fun places, but I want to find the other places, not necessarily non tourist, which might be hard to find, but not quite so ‘Spring break’.

You also have Hussongs.This place is steeped in history, an institution in Ensenada, and definitely on a must see list. Oldest club in Ensenada, and still has that Cantina/old Time Saloon feel. Many a famous soul made it their preferred hangout, back in the day, and it would probably be sacrilegious not to visit…

Now the club that seems to screaming”pick me! Pick me!’ The loudest from the internet is Mango Mango. This seems to be another, more ‘Spring Break’ oriented nightclubs. Looks like fun, and who knows, maybe I could get a job there…

Now I see that they have a place called, El Pato…. Being from Oregon, and a seriously deadicated Oregon Duck fan… I will have to check this place out. It appears to more of a live music venue as well…….

Wendlandt Brew Pub

This looks VERY promising… A brew pub will always make an Oregonian smile. Good beer. Dark beer… mmmmmm Yeah, I can see myself spending some quality time here. Given my experience with the industry(no, not just drinking alot of micro brewed beer!), and the friends that I have working in the industry back in Oregon, this is a place I might have a real shot at getting a job with. Can see myself having my own stool here, either way.

This is just the first five to jump off the electronic page for me… There are many more, and I have no doubt, there are plenty of really cool spots still to discover.

Stay tuned…

Link to previous, Baja Bound posts below;


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