Recicleteando, Bike Culture In Ensenada, Baja, Mexico

#Recicliteando #bikeculture

This place in Ensenada, Recicleteando, seems like a really cool spot. Not necessarily as a potential place of employment, as is generally my topic when speaking, as of late. No. I just really want to hang out there, to use the resources there. It reminds me of places I generally gravitate toward, wherever i go. I am a serious bicycle enthusiast.. not so much a Cycling enthusiast, as I love to ride… I am just not serious enough to take that moniker, at least not at this juncture in my life. I am though, absolutely a Bicycle Enthusiast, and I do love to ride.

But I like freak bikes, and humorous bikes. Little bikes, and little bike races, and Lowrider bikes. I like bicycle culture, and did so even when I wasn’t living in Portland, Oregon. But once there, It was a cult, a culture, I willingly embraced, and got to truly realize. I loved the ZOO BOMBERS, and that freedom, not from fear, but from paralysis by it. The ability to face it, laugh at it, yet, perhaps still fear it. Look up the Zoo Bomb in Portland, Oregon, if you don’t know about it….

This place reminds me of that culture, that ethos. Not just of the Bike Centric shops I love, but the recycled building materials places that I love as well. Really excited that that sort of ethos thrives in Ensenada. That I will be able to plug right in to something that I am so passionate about…

Recicleteando – Home Recreational center that connects and promotes urban cycling, human development and sustainability as a lifestyle. Services: – Cafeteria – Classrooms and workshops (Tai Chi, Karate, Yoga and more) – Reading area – Educational greenhouse – Bike Accessories Store – Massages – Cyclist area (training rollers, parking lots, maintenance equipment).


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Shout Outs To The Places It reminds Me Of Below; Tucson, Arizona Eugene, Oregon Eugene, Oregon Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon


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