Avi Connects The Dots, White, Christian and Trump Supporter

So Avi got me on the God subject the other day. I have seen it coming, neighbor kid has uber christian grandparents, so, I knew it was coming… wasn’t really dreading it. In fact, I am glad he came to me to ask, before he got his head filld with too much of their invisible friend in the sky nonsense…

Yeah, I am THAT dad….

Now I am all for him making his own religious choices… some day.. but at 7, that day isnt today. And unfortunately, living in a very red state , Christian, with an emphaasis on Hispanic Catholic Culture.. this is Southern Arizona, after all, he is bombarded with Christian Dogma, Christian Holidays.

So yes, I am going to pound a little harder on the foolishnes of the dominant religion, the religion so bent on peer pressure, and on forcing it s will and traditions, on followers and non followers alike.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I am not so much Anti Christian, as I am inclusive of numerous other religions. As such, I see the over emphasis on Christian Holidays, and the outright derision, mocking abnd disdain for other religion’s, equally valid holidays, that it irks me. Why are the traditions of only some of my ancestors considered valid, considered worthy of reverance? While other traditions, are even considered enemy, in the country of freedom of religion, there ca n be NO enemy religion, You cannot do it, it is anathema to what the fore fathers intended, to what they said, they wrote.

But I digress…. I don’t go into all those details with the 7 year old… But I do explain that we don’t believe as they do, and that is why we don’t go to church… well except when they have a yard sale… then we are are all up in it, kids love to a bargain…sniff…

I explain that there are many religions, many different ideas of what God is, what that looks like, and that many people don’t believe in God at all. That there are even more people that believe in there being multiple gods, not just one.

Then, he got into creation, and again, the pervasive, christian mythos was what he was unclear on.. Can’t blame him really, I mean…. he is a really smart kid…. You see, Avi and I have what he calls science time. That is when something compelling is on PBS, and he and I get some Father Son time, just him and I. Time where Daddy isn’t doing anything else, but trying to explain the science to his son. Or even better, something where both of us are learning something new.

It is pretty cool. The other two will have picked out a movie to watch before bed, in the boys room. Avi, having seen that something daddy is gonna watch is compelling to him, will sneak out, cuddle up with dad on the couch, and watch NOVA, or Secrets of The Dead, or History Detectives, or, Daddy’s favorite, Finding Your Roots.

Science though, is the real reason he is puzzled by Christianity, ironically enough. He has enough of a grasp of both time, and the complexity of the Universe, to find silly some of the Christian claims. I explain, a little, about Deism, the idea that there may very well be a higher power out there, but that we shouldn’t trust anything man has to say about it.

Now he has further questions… You see, he realizes there may be some correlation between Christians and Trump voters. I tell him yes, that a majority of Trump voters were indeed White Christians

So he jumps in, ” Then White Christians really are dumb!”

Hard to argue with that, even for fairnesses sake, but I tried… I said no, not all Christians were dumb, not even the white ones, lol. That indeed there were indeed some very smart, kind hearted Christians out there. I said, there are also, a number of Christian kind hearted fools out there as well.

However, I said, if, IF, a person is Hard Core White Christian, and a Trump supporter, it didn’t matter how many letters they had behind their name, doctorates, degrees, awards, etc. Nope, if they were Uber Christian, White AND a Trump supporter…. They were a freakin Moron, and a dangerous one at that.

He agreed….. Then asked.. Why do White people hate Black people?

……. to be continued…..


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