Family Fun In Ensenada,Baja California, Some Museums and Amusements

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Another important part of the equation, that is our possible emigration to Mexico, To Ensenada, is the whole Family part of it all. In fact, it truly is the most important thing. The most important reason for leaving the U.S. , for trying to simplify out lives at all, is family.

Specifically our three children. 2 boys and a girl, 3, 5 and 7. Little stair steps. They are the real reason, the best reason, to go in the first place.

Now, the 7 year old, is now old enough to be involved in the decision making process, or more aptly, in the discussion process, not the decision making process. In fact, one of those things, one of many, things he talks alot about wanting to do when we get the hell out of mammoth, is snow… Yeah, sounds silly, but you know what? By taking his demand, his desperate want to move somewhere that he can see snow, at least once in a while seriously, he allowed me to narrow down our options in Mexico, so that we are no longer treading water, wondering here we might go, we have it narrowed down to Baja. Now we can get ready, not keep wondering where we might go.

Now I intend to discuss our children, and education options if we move to Ensenada, but that is for another piece.

For this post, I want to look at recreational and cultural activities and stimulation, beyond the obvious. The obvious, meaning, the duh, you live on a penisula, with the Sea of Cortez a few miles away, and the Freaking Pacific Ocean in the Picture window, the freakin front yard. I know, that after a while, going to the beach may get old week after week, so what other things are there?

Again, the boy is looking forward to being back in a city again, not being out in the country. He wants to go to museums, and parks, and public pools. He wants to go the fairs and public festivals, see the parades, Be the parade.

I promised him, when we move, I wont get us stuck somewhere again, where if the car isnt running, We are stranded. We will be near buses, and or be in a city that is navigable by bicycle, or both. No more 50 miles to the grocery story, and 5 to the convenience store. Nope, I wanna be able to walk somewhere with my kids again.

So It is comforting to know, that Ensenada, as a city of half a million, does not disappoint. No, just with a little digging, I found some great options. A few of them follow here.


This first offering, Museo Carocal, is a sort of kids science museum. This will be a hit. The museum sits down near the docks for the cruise ships, so though it may not be a big museum, the proximity to the docks, and marinas means some boat watching and dock walking would fill out a whole day with the kids.


The next offering is another museum, though this one more historic in nature. Again, with my kids, this will be a hit. They are not yet jaded teenagers, wandering thru a museum with mom and dad will still be fun and exciting…. This too, is well placed, in Zona Central, giving fun, walking distance opportunities for after the museum, with kids. Both the waterfront, and the center of old town, and it’s market, are in walking distance.

Museo Histórico Regional, ex Cuartel de la Compañía Fijaórico-regional-de-ensenada,-ex-cuartel-de-la-compañ%C3%ADa-fija.html?lugar_tipo=museos&lugar_id=467&seccion=lugar&museo_id=467


FLYERS.. jump and fun

Trampolines… Trampolines and kids, yeah, you know this is happening! Indoor trampolines, would be a regular outing, i am sure, if we indeed move to Ensenada.


This place looks really cool! Zip lines, suspension bridges, paddle boats…again the kids will love it, so will daddy … Mommy, maybe not so much.. Have no fear, they have a waterpark too!! Yup, waterslides, float pool… definitely a whole day thing. Maybe the whole weekend, as they have camping and horseback riding too.

water park and zip lines, horseback riding, camping, etc


Now of course, no new city passes muster with my kids without a zoo of some sort. Ensenada has this too offer as well. Bonus… It too has a pool and swimming area! This, is a feature I have not seen at a zoo since Pixieland down by Stockton and Lodi!


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