Pictures Pinpoint Former Home Of USA Underground, my former Vegas Bar/Lounge…. we coulda been…. nah, probably not..

Poached these really cool pictures of Old Glitter Gulch, that, conveniently enough, point an arrow right art the awning for the business I ran down there in Vegas. The awning was during a previous incarnation, but the arrow still shows you exactly where my bar wasOnly recently learned the entire block was torn down a couple years ago. But yeah, that white awning, and those white doors, thar was the entrance to my joint, my place, the hangout…In this pic it is at 32 Fremont street, you can barely see the blacked out doors. This is after our place closed, but gives you an idea what it looked like under the Covered Extravaganze that was The Fremont Street Experience…. all we experienced was the construction of it, and the lack of business thereof…We had fun, but absolutely NO money…And now the buildings are completely gone, the signs stowed away in that Sign Heaven, awaiting re introduction somewhere, for nostalgia’s(i.e. Tourist dollars)sake….


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